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Southern Sweet Tea

1 gallon water
2 Family Size Tea Bags (any brand..Tetley, Lipton, store)
2 cups sugar

In a gallon size pot, bring a gallon of water and tea bags just to a boil. Cover and set on a back burner that is OFF. Allow to sit there and fully cool (at least a few hours to overnight). Pour into a gallon pitcher and add 2 cups sugar. Stir until dissolved and refrigerate. Serve over ice in a glass.

It is important to use a full gallon of water and allow the sitting time to create a wonderful flavor. Don't add ice to the tea until it's in your glass. Adding ice to hot tea, only boiling a small amount, or making it hot will result in a much less flavorful tea. Also, the sugar WILL dissolve in the room temperature tea without any trouble if you're worried about that, just stir a bit. It doesn't have to be hot. I have had tea made this way all my life and wouldn't change it for nothing! I have had lots of compliments on my tea. I usually watch the tea in the refrigerator and when it's getting a low, I start the next gallon boiling.

Posted: September 6, 2012 ,   Modified: September 6, 2012


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