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cereal dodgers

This wonderful recipe i tried to save a pack of cereal before it went off at my sisters house THIS TURNED OUT and i ate ALOT of them lol
They're as healthy as u want
Even the kids loved them and they were not sure

So here goes

Preheat oven to 200 degrees
I used a fan oven because i was at my sisters
I left them in for at least 25 minutes until they were Golden brown


Any left over cereal


Kellogs Special K berries and Crunchy nut (which was what i used)

Just take the remains and crush them up in a basin

In a separate basin Cream together 300 grams of butter
300 grams sugar or sweetner if u want to lose the calories, but use slightly less depending on the sweetness of the sweetner
And one egg

Now cream the fat and sugar together
Add the whisked egg

Fill the cereal basin with wholemeal flour can be chapati or strong bread flour, but chapati flour is lighter and better

Then just simply mix with the egg and creamed mixture
Add a little milk if you can't make a sticky dough

Now here is the tip

The dough needs to be sticky, get your hands floury and messy and take out small balls and roll them and make a hole using your finger

Add a tea spoon of Mango jam

line a tray with greased silicone paper

Sprinkle in caster or demara Sugar or crystalised sugar

Leave to bake

They keep VERY WELL and you just made a wonderful cereal bar YUM YUM

Posted: September 28, 2012 


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