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Leek and potato soup

Very simple and an elegant starter

Depending on how much you need to cook you can double or triple what i post as i am single person

I use 2 leeks
2 leaves of cabbage
2 stalks of celery
handful of spinach
4 potatoes
1 table spoon of butter and 3tsp of garlic shredded not from the jar
1 tsp of fresh ginger
Water Depending on your thickness choice i like mine watery

Get a sauce pan a large one
Gently heat butter, ginger and garlic
Whilst butter melts slowly
Quickly chop up your leek, celery and pull two leaves of cabbage
Peel the potatoes and cut them in halves and boil the kettle

Now the butter has melted add 2 tablespoons of flour and whisk it
Now add some milk and whisk again and turn up the heat so that it will thicken slightly
Don't add too much milk only 50ml

Now put all the ingredients together and add your boiling water
Season with salt and pepper

Cover simmer and leave for 45 minutes before blending it all down

Now for variations

You can add marinate melted butter in 1tsp of celery salt

Or marinate it in peri peri spice

It will change the flavour slightly if you don't add garlic

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