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Arabian Dip Original (sorry i not been on in AGES)

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Arabian Dip  Original (sorry i not been on in AGES)

Sorry i been so busy i only just got all my feedback and i am not being ignorant i been so busy Sorry!

I miss my cooking i only just got a chance to get back into it !

Here is a request

The Arabian culture is very well known for dips!

The original one is the most SIMPLE EVER
it is a Recipe that can be combined

Here is the basic recipe

3-5 cloves of Garlic (personal taste)  
I like to use just 3 my mom likes 5 but i think 5 is too much

1 Tomato

3-5 chilies

Some salt/ pepper to taste

Just enough water to blend it

You can add more tomato if making ALOT and increase Garlic and chilies

It should be baby pink From the tomato if its not add half more


Add some Coriander the color will be green


Try Parsley  Celery and red pepper
You can add a carrot too

Its something you can play with


Posted: October 17, 2013 

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