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Gluten-Free Entertaining - A Few Tips

Celiac disease is one cause for people to try the gluten-free lifestyle. Gluten is in a lot of products such as wheat, barley, seitan, which are to be avoided for people who are allergic to gluten.

Here are a few ideas for gluten free shopping for parties.
This keeps it very simple, and prevents you or your guests from having a mix-up in the snacks.

corn chips
potato chips
tortilla chips
rice pastries (oriental bakeries, make sure there is no wheat)
rice crackers
vegetable chips (available in one pound boxes at better stores)
Dried beans

Most supermarkets now have entire selections of crackers, breads, and pasta products that are gluten-free. Another way of handling the situation is to have everything gluten-free and serve a lot of fresh produce.

Leave that bowl of generic spaghetti in the gelatin bowl along with a few batches of colorful gelatin dessert for nay-sayers. It's fun to squash, or at least scary for those late October events, and less difficult to clean up after than a spilled glass of shiraz or merlot from the rug or upholstery. The glow-in-the-dark bowl adds additional scariness, if an additional serving is left in a room that is purportedly off-limits to party guests.

Scary Pasta

1 box spaghetti or angel hair pasta past date code
2 boxes of gelatin dessert
Expired treats (nothing too gooey or messy)
One glow-in-the-dark bowl

Prepare spaghetti according to package instructions, cooking an additional few minutes to make it extra soft. Boil water for gelatin dessert, also preparing as per package instructions. Take tongs to remove spaghetti from pot, add to gelatin mixture. Allow dessert to congeal, top with expired treats. Place in various rooms just prior to guests arriving. Get ready to watch the fun. (Be sure to lock up your best outfits for this one, even if it is interesting video. Hang up those ripped, torn, or just plain nasty-looking clothing items in your closet.)

Always have a first aid kit in every bathroom the guests will be using, and perhaps a bucket full of bottled water, for those too shy to admit to being afraid to "booze it up".

Another thing to always have when hosting or hostessing a party is an exit sign.

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