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Brulage Bacon Potato Salad

Take several bacon strips, charcoal slightly. Place on paper towels, allow grease to run off bacon.

Chop the large potatoes down a bit. Boil several potatoes for fifteen minutes. Turn off heat under the pot. Let cook for another hour.

Crumble bacon into bacon bits. Add one cup mayonnaise, or a small jar. Stir in a pint of sour cream or yogurt to the sauce mix. Mince one stalk celery, add to mix. Mince 1/3 cup cooked red pepper, add to the mix. Add one quarter cup pickle relish, stir in, squirt in about a tablespoon full of mustard, or spoon out a teaspoon of spiced mustard out of the jar - stir carefully.

Place the bacon and vegetable cream mix in the refrigerator while peeling the potatoes and removing signs of dirt or things other than potato from the potatoes. Cut into 1/4" oblong shapes or rectangles. Place the peels and the not-so-savory bits of potato back in the water, along with used utensils and cover. Rinse off the potato chunks carefully in a vegetable strainer.

Take the bowl out of the refrigerator, fold in the potato chunks into the creamy mix, covering it all. Top with a few dashes of paprika or dill, keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

Posted: August 5, 2019 

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