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Chinese Tea Ceremony (Posted: Aug 24)
We went to a public library meeting about tea.

We were informed that, unlike ordinary tea, fresh leaf tea needs to be washed with boiled water prior to serving.

We were informed that white and green teas require lower temperature waters; unlike ordinary black tea, which uses the boiling water.

The tea assistant mumbled something to me about kidney damage. So, I'm going to stick to my highest quality dehydrated green tea leaves that might be less flavorful, however, have been heated to kill off parasites or little one-celled organisms that I don't entirely dig.

The cups are extremely little, servings might be a jigger or two. Making tea at home is something that is a lot less expensive than going out to purchase manufactured cans and bottles from a store. The quality control for the water is in your hands.

Not every community has great tap water, in fact, a lot of places have public drinking water that might have things that require more than what your average water filter might remove. There are restaurants whose water supply is less than appetizing. There are also drinking and eating establishments that go to a lot of trouble to ensure that the water used in all beverages for those all-important customers are of the premium quality for flavor, mouthfeel and appetite.

So, unless you manufacture shotglasses and kitsch or own a few gas stations, it's time to trade in those souvenir shotglasses when you hit graduate school. What are you going to trade them in for? A good set of china or porcelain or clay teaware is great.

My Japanese greenware tea set went places when my older sibling turned 40. Knowing how to read a few semesters worth of Japanese is always helpful prior to filling one's teacups with a trustworthy grade of Camellia Sinensis, or tea. The Japanese tea ceremony is an art form. The tea cakes are always cooked or boiled for Japanese-style tea.

Ceylon is another place that tea grows, a lot of English-speaking management is in charge of Camellia Sinensis - a good tea is worth your while to invest in.


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