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Gelatines and Aspics

Gelatines are very nice, and are in a variety of types.

Most gelatines, whether they be generic, store brand, Royal, or Jello all contain the same sort of gelatine. Most of these gelatine desserts contain a premixed amount of sugar and flavor.

Knox gelatine dessert is unflavored and can be used to either make sweet gelatine desserts or vegetable aspics.

Kosher gelatine such as Gefen is usually made without pork. It is still meat by product, though.

These days, a lot of vegetable products also need to be heated with boiling water - even vegan gelatine, made from algae. We also need to be very careful to be certain that we are using food grade agar-agar or gelatine, not bioplastic grade powdered seaweed by-product.

Posted: August 23, 2019 

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