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We've been published a few times. We have people looking over our shoulders every time we cook in order to get new ideas. We are looking to create a cookbook, and are sad that withdrew its offering. We like this website, and urge you to support it, by way of contributing one or two recipes yourself.

I let my restaurant food service management lapse, my hazmat endorsement, my food service card, as well as my truck driver's license; due to the responsibilities of managing this vaporware delivery team here.

Regrettably, my hard-working "corn dogs" or carnival food service team, has suffered due to this. So, we are starting from ground zero, we are going to make nutritious food affordable for smart, low-income people.

By affordable, we mean time-saving as well as penny-pinching.
Thank you, Charlie, Anna, Sherry, Billy, Jacqui, Raluca, Ioana, Tiffany, Angela, Virginia, Biff, Kip for helping out when things got rough at local weekend events with the foodservice.


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