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  • Hello, this is at least my third attempt to create a small recipe site here.

    Guess the recipes were so tempting that the computer ate them.

    Unfortunately, all the hacking and all the phishing and all the spoofing did not encourage the web developers to start publishing recipe CDs.

    The pie shrank instead. The free lunch program stopped.

    Maybe this attempt to create a recipe book will work. Now that the market is flooded with all kinds of people creating recipe books and doing self-publishing folks understand how it works.

    Little publishing houses like this are chump change markets that feed churches. The churches feed poor folks as well as rich folks who are having a bad week. Christian churches sell recipe books, these books usually sell a few hundred copies.

    Many religious organizations also feed people, these houses of worship provide ethnic flavor to their cooking that middle America finds to be interesting for home mealtimes in the USA.

    Bacon Lettuce and Tomato (Posted: May 13,   Modified: May 13)
    One box precooked bacon

    Arrange slices of bacon on heating tray. Add the following topping.

    Topping (Mix these ingredients together in a small bowl.)

    One tablespoon sun-dried tomato
    One tablespoon softened butter
    One tablespoon bacon bits
    Dash of salt.
    Pinch of pepper.

    Spoon mix onto each bacon strip carefully.
    Spread topping on each slice.

    Heat at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for five minutes. Turn off oven.

    Arrange serving plate of shredded lettuce.
    Top with salt, pepper, and bacon bits.
    Add cooked bacon to serving plate and serve to guest(s).


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